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Miriam Barr photograph by Erin Gaffney

An avid collaborator, I am most excited by poetry when I am working with other poets, artists and musicians. I've added poetry to moving image, dance, poetry theatre shows, live music, and art exhibitions. All of these influences have in turn found homes in my own work, both on and off the page. 


Miriam Barr is an Auckland-based poet who performs her work and has a long history of collaboration with musicians, visual artists, and other poets. Her work has featured in academic texts, anthologies, literary journals, art galleries, wine bottles, and on stages in NZ and abroad. Publications include Landfall, Takahe, Brief, 4th Floor, Poetry NZ, Potroast, REM Magazine, Blackmail Press, The De-Formed Paper, Enamel, Magazine, JAAM, Sweet Mammalian, and Wild Goose Poetry Review. Her collection Bullet Hole Riddle was published by Steele Roberts in 2014 and has been described by reviewers as "brave", "profound" and "perfectly formed". She has previously self-published two collections of her poetry, Tangents (2006) and Observations from the Poetry Factory (2007).  She has been a Poetry Live MC, editor of a monthly poetry zine called Side Stream, a Poetry Idol slam champion, winner of People's Choice at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York, creative director of theatre-poetry group The Literatti, facilitator of many workshops, guerrilla poetry instigator, and the coordinator of New Zealand's National Poetry Day. 



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